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August 09 
Smith Micro hat Poser 8 released:
- 8 new fully rigged, fully-posable, photorealistic human characters
- 1.X GB all new content
- New User Interface with improved workflow
- Dependent Parameters editor enables teaching of interaction links
- Search-enabled Content Management system in the Poser 8 Library
- Cross Body Part Morph Tool
- Indirect Illumination for Global Illumination effects
- Improved rigging system for better bending characters
- Improved OpenGL real time scene preview displays up to 8 lights more realistic lighting
- Physically correct light attenuation for more accurate light falloff
- Tone mapping and Exposure control for more accurate brightness and luminance
- Normal Mapping support at render time
- Performance optimizations for posing and rendering improvements on multi-processor systems
- Wardrobe Wizard to fit existing clothing items onto new figures
- wxPython support provides 3rd party add-on developers more control and extensibility
The different versions (full version for Window, Mac, Upgrades and so on) are available at Content Paradise
Gemischtes / Neues 
Auf dieser Seite werde ich schreiben, wenn mir etwas im 3D/Poser/ Bryce Bereich besonders
erwähnenswert erscheint.
Allerdings werde ich öfter alle möglichen Neuigkeiten im Digital Design Blog posten.
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